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Dear Friends and Supporters of Circadian String Quartet,

We hope you and your family are staying safe and well, that is the most important thing right now. At the same time we miss you and miss making music with you! At this point, we should have been concluding one of our busiest seasons, bringing you music through three wonderful concerts and a Gala planned for May 10th. The exciting collaboration which was under way with the choir Sacred and Profane was to include noteworthy premieres of music by Karen Renquist, Eric Witacre and David Conte. We were also gearing up to perform Dvorak's string quartet no. 10 in two upcoming concerts, and, most exciting for us and our mission to bring original and innovative programming to the stage and tell stories through our concerts, we were planning on premiering David Ryther's Mono-Opera 'Eurydice's Defiance' with soprano Lily Storm. Our fundraiser, planned for May 10th, was to fuel projects further into the future such as a recording project of music by Debussy, as well as a trip to Turkey to make music with refugee children as part of Sahba Aminikia's 'Flying Carpet' festival.  All of this will, of course, have to wait and we look forward to fulfilling on all these plans together. In the meantime we are focusing our energies on the premiere of our new website which all of you helped us build through your support. Let us know your thoughts and share it with as many people as you wish. 

We also have plans in the works for a recording project so that our music can bring us together from the comfort of your home. We believe that the coming together of great communities like ours is how we make it through tough times! We will continue to find creative ways to bring you beautiful and innovative music and we thank you for your continued support.


We will keep updating you and would love to hear from you as well. Stay sane and healthy,

Yours Truly, The Circadians

David R., Omid, David W. and Monika

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