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In keeping with our mission to promote music of cultural significance, CSQ continually collaborates with musicians steeped in different cultures, countries and from different perspectives. We strive to create new hybrids with this kind of cross pollination that add in a positive way to our perspectives and promote fruitful dialogues across borders. In 2016 we presented the concert Winter’s Leaving which presented side by side the music of Israeli composer Noam Lemish with the Iranian born composer Sahba Aminikia. On November 15th and 16th of 2019 we presented Communitas: Coming Together to Face Chaos our concert length collaboration with renowned Santour player Hamid Taghavi. As part of this collaboration, our resident arranger David Ryther created new arrangements of compositions by Mr. Taghavi for String Quartet and Santour.  In the 2023-4 season, we will present the premiere of David Ryther’s new opera in 5 acts, “Eurydice’s Defiance,” written specially for folk singer Lily Storm, with a libretto by novelist Kimiko Guthrie.

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