CSQ's innovative Stravinsky Quartet Project aims to transcribe Stravinsky's ballets to string quartet form. The project is a multi-concert performance series and dance collaboration focusing on The Rite of Spring, Firebird and Petroushka. Inspired by a description of Stravinsky surrounded by percussion as he played piano for the rehearsals leading up to the world-premiere of the Rite of Spring, the transcriptions feature the quartet members doubling on percussion.

This project features CSQ violinist and composer David Ryther's original transcriptions of the Rite of Spring for string quartet and percussion and of Firebird for string quartet, percussion and piano, premiered in 2017 and 2019 respectively. CSQ aims to premiere the third ballet, Petroushka in 2022. 

CSQ pairs the Rite of Spring and Firebird alongside related works to highlight the structure, impulses and influences of these masterpieces.

The Rite of Spring and Firebird can be heard in CSQ concert programs and this project will culminate with fully staged versions of these ballets in collaboration with leading choreographers and dancers from New York and the Bay Area.