• Home

    Dvorak, Aminikia & Glass

    Delve into three very different ways we can experience “Home.” Coming home, dreaming nostalgic of home, or watching in alarm as our homeland erupts in strife and division. ​

  • Chiaroscuro

    Aminikia, Shostakovich & Reich

    Embark on an unforgettable journey which seamlessly weaves storytelling and music.
    Program master works including a newly commissioned piece explore the themes of light/dark, sound/silence, and text/music.

  • The Fertile Crescent: Folk-inspired Music from Persia and Beyond

    Haydn, Aminikia, Vali & Bartok

    Exotic Folk-inspired chamber music from Persia and beyond.

  • Romantic Ethos: Three Shades of Romanticism

    Dvorak, Barber & Glass

    Exploring this concept of romanticism: that raw emotion, passion, and feelings lead us to the deepest understanding of ourselves.  ​

  • Concerto Lirico

    Webern, Barber & Respighi

    Lapse into the deeply lyrical music of the Post- and Neo-Romantics.

  • Communitas: Coming Together to Face Chaos

    Aminikia, Assadi, Ryther, Taghavi 

    Communitas: a group’s unexpected joy in a shared experience.
    Music brings us together. Through music we can share an experience that breaks down barriers of race, culture, politics, religion and sect to find our common humanity. The Circadian String Quartet teams up with Iranian-born santour virtuoso Hamid Taghavi in a cross-cultural exchange not to be missed. This concert explores themes of coming together and Yeganegi, or uniting in times of crisis, with music by Reza Vali, Sahba Aminikia, and Hamid Taghavi, representing two generations of Persian-American composers. Weaving through and uniting the program will be Chiaroscuros or short interludes by David Ryther based on poetry by Rumi.

  • Firebird Rising: 1909

    Debussy, Bartôk, Stravinsky

    A concert celebrating rebirth and renewal through the music of Claude Debussy, Béla Bartók and Igor Stravinsky. Join Circadian as we take you back in time to the year 1909, a year that Ford’s Model T cost $850.00, tensions were escalating on the Serbian border with Hungary, and nationalism was on the rise leading eventually to the First World War. San Francisco at this time was being rebuilt after the 1906 earthquake. In Europe, Debussy was the acknowledged leader of the avant-garde and two upstart young composers who felt his influence were making their mark. The 28 year-old Béla Bartók premiered his first string quartet which combined the harmony of Debussy, the counterpoint of J.S. Bach and the bracing rhythmic vitality of the folk music of his native Hungary. Meanwhile, the young, unknown 27 year-old Russian composer, Igor Stravinsky rocketed to fame with the premiere of the Firebird, his first full length ballet composed for the Ballets Russes in 1909 and premiered in 1910. Circadian celebrates this truly transformative time with the world premiere of our own reimagining of Stravinsky’s Firebird, arranged for string quartet, piano and percussion by our very own David Ryther, three piano preludes exuding the magic of Claude Debussy transformed for String quartet and Béla Bartók’s ground-breaking String Quartet No.1 provide rich context for the renaissance of ideas swirling around in 1909. Our exciting guests artists include violinist Roseminna Watson and pianist Keisuke Nakagoshi. This is a program not to miss!

  • Latin American Walkabout

    Ginestera, Lena-Frank, Piazzola, Ryther

    A sonic walking tour surveying the passion, natural beauty and infectious rhythms of Latin America through the music of Ginastera, Gabriela Lena Frank, Astor Piazzolla and David Ryther. Soprano Emily Sinclair joins us for Ginastera’s bold and operatic third string quartet. The audience will also be treated to a surround sound version of the Costa Rican rain forest as recreated by our very own David Ryther. In true Circadian fashion the evening will be an intoxicating mix of story, poetry and music to create a multi-valent experience which will transfix and transform you.

  • Songs of Death and Rebirth

    Shostakovich, Schubert

    Schubert's beloved Death and the Maiden and Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 3 are masterworks which profoundly explore themes of death and rebirth. Connecting these favorites will be Chiaroscuro II, original interludes for string quartet by David Ryther which will use the poetry of Rumi to shed his characteristic mystical light on the subject.

  • Chiaroscuro: Finding the Light Within the Darkness

    Aminikia, Shostakovich

    Allow the Circadian String quartet to take you on an unforgettable journey as we team up with master storyteller Nikolaus Hohmann and composer Sahba Aminikia to create an evening which seamlessly weaves storytelling and music. Program masterworks explore the theme of light vs. dark including Shostakovich's harrowing String Quartet No. 8, dedicated to the victims of Fascism, Steve Reich's Different Trains, which incorporates real-life interviews of WWII survivors, and a new piece for narrator and string quartet by Sahba Aminikia featuring the achingly beautiful poetry of Hafez. Connecting these pieces will be stories curated by Nikolaus Hohmann with original musical interludes by David Ryther entitled "Chiaroscuro." Through light/dark, sound/silence, and text/music, a whole experience emerges, greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Mystic Circles

    Aninikia, Vali, Stravinsky

    Join the Circadian String Quartet for Mystic Circles, a concert program which explores the mysteries of love, sacrifice and renewal. The ensemble is joined by folk singer Lily Storm and master storyteller Nikolaus Hohmann to create an evening of wonder and sublime beauty with music by Aminikia, Vali, and ending with the Circadian String Quartet’s original reimagination of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.



  • Rythym and Revolution

    Glass, Aminikia & Stravinsky

  • The Rite of Spring: Past, Present & Future

    Debussy, Carson & Stravinsky

  • The Sound and the Fury: The Rite of Spring Re-Imagined

    Debussy, Arensky & Stravinsky

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